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UX/UI | Web design

LAMA Books, a children’s book publisher, sought to incorporate user-centered design into their digital presence, with the aim of promoting their books and authors to a diverse audience of both children and adults.

The Goal

The objective was to collaborate closely with various teams at Lama to conceptualize a website that would captivate children while instilling trust in their parents and other adults.

The Process

Creating a brand-compliant color palette:

Incorporating LAMA’s established brand colors was a crucial aspect of this design journey. By seamlessly integrating their signature hues of warm orange and cheerful red, I ensured a strong visual connection between the website and the publisher’s offline materials. This not only bolstered brand recognition but also offered a sense of familiarity to visitors. To balance these brand colors with the vibrant tones suited for a children’s audience, I strategically deployed the brand colors in key elements like buttons, call-to-action areas, and headers. This seamless fusion of brand identity and childlike appeal resulted in a design that resonated with both the publisher’s existing readership and new visitors.

A balancing act:

To balance between a child-friendly design and the publisher’s professional reputation, I used a clean and organized layout that felt both inviting to children and trustworthy for parents.