My name is Maya Chen and I’m a UX/UI designer.

My passion lies in crafting elegant and user-centric solutions, even within the most complex interfaces. I firmly believe that design has the power to make our world better, and our lives more simple and beautiful.

Why choose me?
I bring a versatile professional background to the table, with experience as a freelance UX/UI designer. My journey has taken me through various sectors, including fintech, event planning, fashion, and cosmetics. This journey has allowed me to address a wide range of needs, including UX/UI design, user analysis, prototype development, brand establishment, e-commerce, and marketing solutions. 

My background in the film and television industry has sharpened my storytelling skills, underscoring the importance of a clear, coherent, and concise narrative structure. I have both the skills and the enthusiasm to engage a broad audience by tapping into their emotions and fostering relatability. 

I’m a quick learner, and I approach each project with passion and a smile. I believe that creativity thrives in a supportive environment, and I eagerly look forward to working harmoniously with other professionals to contribute to the continued growth and success of every client.