Israel’s most active Fintech Fund
Branding  | UX / UI | Web design

Moneta VC, a leading Israeli fintech fund, sought to revamp their branding and their website to better communicate the company’s values, investment priorities, and portfolio companies. The objective was to offer visitors an intuitive and visually appealing experience.

The Issues

Moneta’s old website lacked a coherent design, making it difficult for visitors to navigate and understand the company’s investment areas and portfolio. The content was scattered, and the website’s visual design did not align with Moneta’s fundamental values of high professional standards and innovation. My role, as a member of Simpla Studio’s UX/UI team, began with addressing these branding issues before going into the design overhaul.

The Goal

The aim was to overhaul Moneta’s website by enhancing its UX and UI, ensuring stability, functionality, user-friendliness, and visual appeal. The primary objective was to develop a website that effectively conveys the company’s values, investment priorities, and portfolio while delivering an intuitive and attractive experience for visitors.

The Process

Discovery and planning:

To begin, we conducted a thorough analysis of competitor VC websites, identifying industry trends and best practices. We also gathered valuable insights from user feedback on the existing website to locate areas requiring improvement.


Our goal was to revitalize an outdated and traditional brand, aligning it with the core identity of an investment company focused on ground-breaking startups.

Throughout the process, we recognized the importance of elegantly preserving elements of the brand’s conservatism, ensuring we maintained values of trustworthiness and reliability, which are integral to the company. It was also crucial to retain the essence of the original brand, safeguarding the connection to its impressive and enduring legacy.

We chose strong and commanding colors that resonate with the ambitious business landscape Moneta thrives in, alongside a rounded font and circular graphic elements, symbolizing the dynamic and human bond between the investment company and the startups it supports.

UI Design:

To align with Moneta’s brand identity, we carefully curated a color palette that reflects professionalism and innovation. We also established a consistent typography system for enhanced readability and incorporated custom graphics to enhance the website’s visual appeal.

UX design:

We wanted to ensure that the design was accurately translated into a functional website. Working closely with Moneta’s developer, we transformed the previously confused information architecture into a clear and cohesive structure. We also made certain the website was responsive and accessible across various devices.